Our new world

It’s coming. The world revised by COVID. I have told my clients that this fall marks the tide of a completely new world that requires a new way to train and upskill teams. Employees are changing industries and leadership is either hiring or needing to eliminate the productivity gap with leaner teams.

On the eve of this change, it is my belief that those who are ready will rise and, those who are not will get left behind. Are you ready?

Improve the outcome for your training spend

It cost $3.4k per person, per day to train a highly specialized technical salesperson using the traditional approach. For a sales team of 25, that’s a total of $170,000 for a two day event.

Data shows that participants in traditional classroom training loose 65% of what they have learned in a week. 90% is gone in 6 months.

Anyway you slice it, that is a terrible ROI.

Change how you train. We suggest converting at least one-third of all development material into a digital format. Using digital material before hands-on sessions increases retention dramatically. When used as a refresher, your team gets the right information at the right time.

Increase the impact of your training spend. Remodel your training programs to include one-third digital material.

Hello world!

Hello Blog! Welcome to our new space, intended to start a dialog with the sales training community to share ideas and challenges. We will be inviting thought leaders to contribute and invite you to share what’s working for you (or isn’t). We invite you to subscribe, it’s free and we will never share your information with anyone. All you need to do is find an RSS reader you like and then past this link into it to add a new feed ->https://elevenpoint2.com/blog/

Thank you for joining us! We are so happy you are here!