Break free from not knowing.

Use fast consumable training.

Why it works

Our CEO started her career at NASA as a flight control engineer in Mission Control Center and was on the team that pioneered the NASA operations base in Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center.

“I learned from my experience Mission Control Center that breaking complex topics into small pieces that are easy to access very quickly can have a big impact. We use this concept when building fast consumable training for salespeople.” - Kristen Taraszewski

Salespeople are different.

Salespeople think different, they act different, they need information very quickly. They are under pressure all of the time because the customer’s time is at an absolute premium. Much like it is in Mission Control. So, give your team fast consumable training and the information they need to be agile, highly skilled and sell more.


Salespeople need answers quickly. ElevenPoint2 helps you create a structured approach that provides initial training and future access to the exact information your salespeople need.


The attention span of a salesperson is 7 seconds. Data shows that training segments should be no longer than 2-3 minutes in length. Learn how to transform your material into snackable sizes that is easy to digest and return to.


Training is more than listening. The retention rate from a lecture can be as low as 10%. ElevenPoint2 helps you to change how your material is presented and consumed to elevate retention rates.

“I want to thank the team at ElevenPoint2 for their great work with our team to set up our training program and especially our on-line training program. Your direction and experience saved us many months of time and helped our experts create impactful and high-quality content much faster than we ever thought possible.” Jeff Baker
VP Sales, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

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